Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads...

Wow it's September! 2010 doesn't seem to keen on sticking around and getting aquainted. OK, so that title (from Back to the Future) is my lame attempt at conveying some of what I'm feeling as these last few weeks in Korea are winding down. Firstly, that time here goes by WAAAAYYYY too fast. I really can't believe that I'm finishing out my 2nd year. At the same time, the vastness of the experiences and personal growth I've had while being here makes it seem like nearly a decade ago I got on that plane at Pearsons IA and became an expat. Also, it's reference to how I suspect that going home will feel a lot like stepping back in time a bit. No, that's not a dig at how behind the times my home town is (even though it's kinda true, sorry D-town). I just mean that I will be returning to people and places that have been an enormous part of my past and I feel as though I will be returning as such a different person, I have to reconcile these two lives I've lead, with their very different narratives.

But enough cogitating (oh yeah, its a word). What's new?

Well, on Wednesday night, Typhoon Kompasu hit the peninsula with enough rage to kill five people. Suncheon didn't see much of that damage. It was quite a storm though and I enjoyed the sound of the howling winds and gusting rain slamming into the apartment building. It also got my imagination going. If one of these tall slender apartment buildings was to get blown over, would we all go down like a bunch of dominoes? Thankfully, reality never tested my theory.

Two weeks ago, I started teaching an evening class for "gifted" middle school students for the city on Monday and Thursday nights. It means I don't get home until 10pm, but that little bit of extra cash will be nice at the end of the month. Plus, "gifted" middle school students are basically "general" high schoolers, so woot! to reusing my lesson plans.

Life is good in Korea, folks. The sun is shining, the AC is WORKING, and I've been finished classes since 10:05 this morning.

Why am I leaving again?

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  1. Thinkin of you in your last weeks winding down my dear! Hope there's a big slideshow of love waiting for ya in some surprise birthday/going away surprise party ;)
    sending big hugs from me- miss you!