Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mishaps and Minor Injuries

Well it's been an interesting week and I hope it's not setting a tone for my month of travelling in SE Asia.

It started in the Holmes' kitchen. One night I decided to make Jodie's famous one-bowl brownies while we enjoyed the 1970's wonderfest "The Apple". In attempting to get eggs out of the fridge I manage to smash one egg on the floor, and then dump a container of stirfry leftovers on the floor on my second attempt. I was thus banned from the refrigerator.

Two days later I returned to the Holmes' home to watch horror movies and enjoy fruit smoothies the Lady Holmes. We created a delicious batch of smoothie: kiwi, strawberries, bananas, yogurt and orange juice. I attempted to remove the pitcher from the blender base so we could enjoy our fruit concoction, but unfortunately I failed to notice that I was twisting the pitcher off of its bottom, not just off of the blender base. You guessed it, I pulled up and 1.5 liters of smoothie went all over the counter and the floor. Wee! And to just to spice things up a bit, I didn't unplug the blender and set those blades a-wirring while wiping it down. Thankfully no one's fingers were in the way. I was thus banned from the Holmes' kitchen and electric kitchen appliances in general.

Two days later I was enjoying some friendly banter with Kate and Will outside a social get together. Will and I were having fun accusing eachother of being racist and I meant to give him a friendly jab in the stomach. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had in that same hand the cheese grater that I had left at Amanda's the night before. Will moved to block my jab and got his hand grated. There was a little blood, just a little. I was thus banned from all objects with sharp edges.

This morning as we got into our cab to head to the bus station for our first leg of the journey to SE Asia, I jammed my thumb putting my backpack in the trunk. I have a cute little purple bruise under the nail. Can a person be banned from trunks?

Oh well, we arrrived at Incheon International Airport (where I am currently writing this blog)with time to spare and decided to get a decent meal while we waited. Unfortunately, the waitress knocked a big fancy fruit drink all over my backpack and purse when delivering items to our table. Now that was definitely not my fault! Maybe it's not exactly a change of luck, but hopefully I'll stop being the cause of the trouble. So now I get to smell like fruit smoothie all the way to Thailand or maybe a compost heap depending on when the orange juice starts fermenting.

Better luck next week! ....right?

(As a side note: the staff was very apologetic and helpful with cleaning it up and gave me a free drink. I think we had about 5 different waitresses apologize...)

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  1. Hey Lisa, Mom here. Got a great giggle out of your recent exploits. Sent this blog site info on to Rhonda who says she's way too out of the loop with you. So hopefully she'll enjoy this as much as we do. As for being accident prone, you come by it honestly...I am accident prone up the ying yang. Meanwhile, what's this about going bungee jumping???????